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Feb 09, 2018 · Learn how to utilise SDL2_ttf to render text to the screen in the beginnings of a UI system. ... Displaying Text with UI Labels in C++ And SDL2 Tutorial ... (Under The Hood) - Immediate Mode GUI ...

Description It's a simple GUI tool to create/modify gamepad mappings for games that use SDL2 Game Controller API. Created to be an alternative to Steam Bigpicture gamepad configurator.

Simple DirectMedia Layer ( SDL) is a cross-platform software development library designed to provide a hardware abstraction layer for computer multimedia hardware components. Software developers can use it to write high-performance computer games and other multimedia applications that can run on many operating systems such as Android, iOS ...

It depends on what you need. imgui is also an immediate GUI, the same as kiss_sdl. It is the first immediate GUI made, as much as i know. imgui is much bigger and much more complex than kiss_sdl, and as i look at the examples, it is not for SDL2. kiss_sdl is much simpler and easier to use, also easily modifiable.

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